Vegetable Garden in April

April is a real vegetable garden month! The windowsills of most gardeners is probably filled with pre-sown plants just poking through the soil. If the garden is fertilized, it can be filled with many seedlings this month.

This is the perfect time to plant potatoes. Possibly pre-germinated seed potatoes, but if you buy or receive a few seed potatoes now, pre-spouting is absolutely not necessary. Also, under the ground, the potatoes will form shoots that grow into a large plant. Underground, the new mini potatoes are added to the plant in the course of the season. In order to ensure that these young potatoes can develop well, it is good to plant the eyes on their backs and to cover them with more soil regularly. Cover the seed potatoes with a good amount of soil, about 20-30 cm high. The potatoes develop and you are saved the need to dig extensively later in the fall to harvest them. Earthing up means you raise the ridges a bit to prevent the potatoes from being exposed to light. Potatoes that see the sunlight becomes green and inedible.

You can also plant onion sets in April. These are a kind of mini-onions that grow into large, mature onions during the course of one season. Yellow plant onions can actually be planted in March, but certainly for red onion sets, April is the better choice. Red onion sets encounter problems at lower temperatures, so keep a good eye on your weather channel before planting them. If the temperature stays below 10 degrees for a long time, you are better off waiting. You can also cover the ground with fleece to keep the young sprouts slightly warmer.


You can also plant lettuce, cabbage, and endive this month. Protect the young plants against snails and hungry birds! 

Because the temperature rises and the days lengthen, all plants will grow faster. If you have sprouted broad beans, but not yet planted them, it is high time to give them a spot outside in the garden. They will soon experience a growth spurt, just like any snow peas and green peas. You can also sow carrots, beets, and spinach.

Still, you can’t plant everything in April, especially vegetables that originally come from warm regions. They often do not like the cold nights in April. So avoid planting courgettes, pumpkins, and corn. Many types of beans, such as green beans, can not tolerate cold and wet ground. Leave these seeds in the cupboard a while, their time will come!

To bring Spring into your home, you can possible cut a few branches of trees and shrubs that can stand to have a few twigs missing. A beautiful flowering cherry tree is a great choice. Use sharp pruning shears suitable for wooden branches and put the branches in a vase with water. Your house will bloom in no time!

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