Gardening tips for October

It is time to get ready for winter! In October the weather is getting a bit brisk, but still pleasant to take your time working. With the garden tips this month, you prepare your garden so that it is beautiful in the coming spring.



  • Remove all weeds. Plants that get too full can tear from their own weight. Remove the middle part of the plant, the old growth, to allow light and air to circulate through the plant.
  • Plant spring bulbs now. Do this before the first frost, because it may get cold in October.
  • In addition to flowers like violets or winter heath, decorative columns, bushes with berries or shrubs can be used for color in the winter garden.
  • Mow over your collected leaves and spread the shredded leaves in the garden. Cover the pond so no leaves fall in.
  • Collect dried seeds, such as poppies, and sow them again or allow them to dry and store until next Spring.


  • Trees that are easy to “bleed” like walnut, maple, tulip poplar, and birch should be pruned about one month before their leaves drop.
  • Never remove more than 20% of the total leaf mass from a tree.
  • Remove branches that grow back in the direction of the stem.
  • For formed trees, remove all branches that don’t fit the form.


  • You can still mow the grass for maintenance and an even look, but mow higher than your normal height in Summer. Make sure the grass is at least 4 cm above the ground to prevent dry spots.
  • If you haven’t last month, fertilize the lawn one last time before Winter for a beautiful green lawn in Spring.
  • If you won’t be using the lawn mower through the Winter, clean and grease the blades of your lawn mower to prevent rust. Give your other tools at risk for rust the same treatment before storing.

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