Gardening tips for June

The borders are filled, the birds whistle cheerfully, and the smell of fresh flowers and herbs come to meet you. Summer is coming! That means that we all go out again to enjoy everything that grows and flourishes. With the tips before, your garden will also look beautiful again in June.



  • Give plants a bit of fertilizer and extra water on hot days, especially for potted plants.
  • After weeding, feel free to leave the weeds out and dry in the sun. Then you get free fertilizer and you don’t have to spray.
  • Do you suffer from bugs? Put a few nettles in a bucket of water. In a few days, take the water and spritz it on the plants.
  • The leaves of faded bulbs are best left alone. This is extra nutrition for the plant.
  • Remove faded flowers from plants with multiple flowering periods. This way you give the plant the opportunity for a second flowering.
  • All one and two year old plants can now be planted in the garden. Give them their definitive place in the garden this month.


  • The buxus may be pruned again in the month of June (Also in September). Shaping the box is allowed all the time. Okatsune has 3 different shrub shears in its range, with short, medium, and long blades.
  • Never prune in the burning sun! You can do this better in clouds or just before rain.
  • After the longest day of the year (June 21) plants get a new growth impulse. Therefore, prune back the shrubs and hedges before this time, so that they can fill out nicely again.


  • Mow the lawn twice a week and after fertilizing, mow after the second day.

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