Gardening tips for June

Summer days are coming! Above all that means you can enjoy your garden. However, first there are a number of activities on the program for the month of June: 



  • The plants need a little fertilizer.
  • Weeding: you can just leave the weeds and let it dry in the sun. This way you will have free fertilizer and you do not have to spray.
  • Do you suffer from bugs in the rose? Put some nettles in a bucket of water. Let it steep for a few days and then spray it on the plant.


  • Boxwood should be pruned again in June. Topiary is allowed every day. Okatsune provides 3 kinds of shrub shears: short, medium and large blade.
  • Never prune in blazing sun. You can better prune on overcast days or just before rainfall.


  • Mow your lawn twice a week, and after fertilization every 2 days.

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