Gardening tips for December

Have you already though about the layout of the garden for the coming year? Big or small changes, now is the time to make new plans or sketches or your dream garden!


  • Keep an eye on weather forecasts and protect frost-sensitive plants.
  • As long as it isn’t freezing, now is your last change to plant spring bulbs.
  • If you still want to cover the garden, don’t do so if the soil is very wet. This will compact the soil and prevent it from getting enough air.
  • Put out the Christmas decorations! That is a party to look forward to during the dark December month!


  • The winter pruning has begun. Only do this when it is dry and not freezing. Always prune the bud and try to keep the wound as small as possible. Remove dead and sick wood. Branches that grow low on the ground may also be pruned.
  • Use a sharp pruning shear for a clean cut in the wood. If the blades of the pruning shears are less than sharp, you can sharpen them with a whetstone.


  • Rake the last leaves off the lawn, which prevents yellow spots. The collected leaves can be used again to protect plants from the frost.
  • Try to walk as little as possible on the lawn.
  • A thin layer of snow on the lawn is insulating.

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