Gardening tips for April

The garden season has now really started and there is already plenty to do in the garden. Enjoy the young greens and fresh spring air. When it starts to warm up, the garden is nice to relax in. So throw on those gardening gloves and let’s get started!


  • April is the last month that one can plant roots, like conifers, trees, and shrubs.
  • In good weather, you can plant deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • Bulbs and tuberous plants like begonias can go back into the ground.
  • Weeding. Beware of fruit trees that you don’t damage the shallow roots. Carefully remove weeds and then place a piece of cardboard (Not plastic!) over them. The rainwater can easily reach the roots. A mulch layer will develop on the cardboard and after a few months it will be gone!
  • Fertilize the garden
  • Lend a helping hand to your tall growing and climbing plants by placing plant supports.
  • Plant your herb garden, they can now be planted directly in the garden.
  • Clean the pond.


  • Prune early flower shrubs after flowering
  • Weave in good branches of the hawthorn, field maple, and hedge beech as much as possible before you cut it. This keeps the hedge nicely full.
  • Do not prune the boxwood, conifer, or wild laurel until mid-June. If you start earlier, the sap flow is disturbed.


  • Have you scarified yet? You still have time. Scarify in both the length and width of the lawn for the best result. This removes the layer of thatch and moss and gives the grass space to grow
  • The lawn can be mowed, but not too short. The grass won’t grow fast in April. Re-seed any bald spots.
  • Fertilize the lawn, before a rain shower if possible.
  • New lawns can now be laid.

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