Who is Okatsune Europe?

De Wild BV from Roosendaal, The Netherlands is already for more than 10 years the exclusive representative of Okatsune in Europe. De Wild BV is also already for many years the exclusive respresentative of the reputable Japanese brand Silky and sells motorized tools under the brand name GTM Professional. 

How can I contact Okatsune Europe?

You can contact us as follows:



+31 (0)165 532992



info AT okatsune-europe DOT com


By mail:
Okatsune Europe
Spectrum 38
4706 NM Roosendaal

The Netherlands


Via social media:

Can the blades be grinded?

Certainly! When you notice that your shears are cutting less well, you can grind them with the Okatsune whetstone (Okatsune 412). Check our sharpening video.


Sharpening instructions

  1. First, soak the whetstone in water for the best results. The whetstone has one round side. Place the whetstone so that this round side falls in the angle between the blades.
  2. Do not loosen or remove the bolt, the blade distance is very precisely fixed.
  3. The counter blade of the secateurs does not have to be sharpened. Only sharpen the edge of the cutting blade (23°).
  4. Hold the whetstone along the supporting side of the cutting blade. This side has a 14° angle. Now tilt the whetstone by feeling a little further to the 23° angle of the cutting edge. This side is very small so be careful!
  5. Sharpen the cutting edge in long strokes towards the point about 10 - 20 times.
  6. Then turn the shears around and sharpen the other side of the cutting blade (15°) about 5 - 10 times in long strokes. Remember, only sharpen the very edge, not the surface.
  7. Test the sharpness by carefully pressing your finger against the edge of the cutting blade.
  8. Finally, sharpen the first side 2 more times.
  9. If necessary, rust and dirt on the blade surface can be removed carefully with the whetstone or a very fine sandpaper (P600). You can leave the black rust, this has a protective effect.
  10. Do not forget to oil the moving parts every now and then.
Are there any Okatsune pruners for left-handed people?

Okatsune has no special pruners for left-handed people. However, the pruners can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. Regarding the handle, there is no difference. Only the cutting blade and counter blade are switched. That maybe feels a little different at first, but it cuts the same. Did you know that master smith Okano himself is also left-handed?

How is it possible that the Okatsune shears and scissors are so sharp?

The blades of the Okatsune shears and scissors are uniquely forged from the finest IZUMO YASUGI steel, and have a very high Rockwell hardness of 60.0 to 61.0. Therefore, the blades stay sharp for a long time and they consistently give a clean and precise cut in the wood, without giving much effort. Furthermore, Okatsune combines the hardness with a special flexibility, so that the cutting blade always aligns with the counter blade, even after intensive usage.

What is the origine of Okatsune?

Okatsune shears and scissors are coming from the Izumo region in Hiroshima, Japan. The razor-sharp shears are uniquely forged from the best Izumo Yasugi steel, which is traditionally being used for the Katana swords used by the Samurai knights. Izumo Yasugi steel is characterized by a high carbon content and is forged by the best master blacksmiths of Japan, using an age-old technology. This process only takes place in the Izumo region, solely using Izumo iron sand.

What is the best way to maintain Okatsune shears and scissors?

Although Okatsune shears are made from the finest steel, they can rust if not properly maintained. We recommend to clean the blades after use. After cleaning, it is wise to oil the shears, and store moisture-free with the cutting blades closed. 

Are there any accessories available?

We offer a number of accessories and parts for the Okatsune shears and scissors: leather holsters to safely store the shears or scissors - a whetstone for maintenance of the blades - and spare parts such as the easily replaceable spring. Click here to view all accessories

Can I also buy Okatsune shears and scissors in a shop?

Okatsune Europe has a specialized distribution network. In the dealer locator you can find your nearest dealer.

What is Ikebena?

Ikebana is the term for the Japanese art of flower arranging. For each Ikebana style Okatsune has designed specialist scissors. Whether you follow the Ikenobo, Sogetsu or Koryu school, you will always find the perfect scissors.

When you have another question, you can ask a question through our contactpage.