Gardening tips for November

This is the month to prepare against winter’s harsh cold. In addition to beautiful autumn leaves, we can also enjoy many flowers in November, such as asters, ornamental grasses, chrysanthemums (Japan’s national symbol!), winter heather, and winter cyclamen.


  • Protect plants that can’t resist frost. Of course, not all plants can come inside, but there are other ways to protect your plants. Smaller frost-sensitive plants can be covered with a  glass jar. Larger plants can be protected with straw, dried leaves, or with jute.
  • As long as it has not yet frozen and the soil is not too wet, you can put spring bulbs in the ground for extra color in the spring!
  • For the birds : clean the birdhouses, the bird bath, and hang some suet to entice them.
  • Make sure the hose is completely empty and shut off the outside tap before it freezes.
  • Clean off the fallen leaves from terraces and paths. They become very slippery as the leaves start to break down. You can also leave the leaves in the borders to protect the roots against the frost. Don’t forget to check your gutters as well!
  • Cover the pond with a mesh so that leaves can’t fall into it. Don’t let your ponds freeze over completely, otherwise the fish won’t be able to get enough oxygen.
  • Clean pots and tubs and put them upside down. If it is a delicate pot, place it indoors to protect against the frost.
  • There are still options for winter blooms, such as violets and winter jasmine.
  • Provide additional reinforcement to plants that can be damaged by strong autumn storms. Tie high grasses together and move pots that could blow over to a sheltered place..


  • As soon as the leaves have fallen, the winter snow could begin. Do not prune if it is freezing!
  • Prune back knot willows completely.
  • Tall roses can be pruned to approximately knee height. The rest of the pruning for roses will only take place in March.


  • Rake leaves from the lawn, which prevents yellow spots. You can use the collected leaves to protect plants against frost.
  • Try to walk on the grass as little as possible.

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